An aristocratic, Spanish mystic.


Scholarly Spanish noble in his late teens. Extremely focused and slight Mystic Aura.

As Artificer, Jose wears a dark, full black cloak with hood and mantle over dark leather armour with silver runes stitched in. Over his armour he has a broad, leather bandoleer with many potion vials. On his left hip he wears a 11th century broad Polish “Szabla” fencing sabre with an ancient blade of enchanted silver which can glow with a soft sliver light when Jose uses it righteously. The szabla blade has been refitted many times, most recently with a 19th century a three bar hilt.

Jose is driven by the Obligation of Nobility and his knowledge of the Mystic World. This has him protecting people from mystic threats, including knowledge of those same threats (when he can). Raised a strict Catholic, Jose doesn’t always agree with the Church, but has a deep respect for it being the banner that so many have fought against supernatural threats to Humanity through history.

He has no code vs killing, but very restrained with normal humans. However, he doesn’t generally give a second thought of killing a supernatural threat. He would definitely consider taking a human life if it meant saving others.

Jose has a slight reputation as a womaniser; but more just enjoys female company and socialising. He does have a deep fear of comitment due to risk his heritage puts any partner in. This generally means relationships tend to be short.


Don Jose Leoncio Juan Gaspar de Gregorio is a Spanish aristocrat and is the son of Don Leoncio Alonso González de Gregorio, 22nd Duke of Medina Sidonia and his wife Maria Montserrat Viñamata y Martorell. Both are alive and living in Medina, Spain. Jose has an older sister [Isabella] and younger brother [Santino]. Jose has an Oxford education and a PhD in Cultural Mythology. Although he doesn’t need to financially, he works as a researcher and consults with various museums as an expert of mythic matters.

Jose was identified at birth as having the Family “gift” for Magic was trained as an Alchemist and Artificer as well as combat. He is trained in the fundamentals of field work, but knows he could use a lot more experience. Has artefacts to cover for his lack of skill, but respects that improving the skills is important.

Owns a brownstone town house in New York City.


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