Cassandra Page

Kidnap victim with Darkness powers


Cassandra is an attractive 20yo Caucasian woman, with long blonde curly hair and pale skin. She generally dresses in the Goth style, her complexion allows her to forgo normal, gothic, heavy makeup.


Cassandra was born to Simon and Emily Page in London England. Cassie has two siblings, her older brother Jacob, and her younger sister Melissa. In her job as a research assistant, she travelled with her boss “Doctor Peter Madril” to the Los Angeles in the USA as a “Political” Researcher. Although Cassie wasn’t comfortable with it, Doctor Madril was also quite interested in the Occult.

Recently, Doctor Madril was killed by The Hand and Cassandra was captured and subject to some Japanese ritual. Cassie overheard the Hand members refer to her as “Takara” (Japanese for “Treasure”).

Cassandra Page

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