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  • Janice Caulfield

    Daughter of Aidan and [[Mary Caulfield | Mary Caulfield]]. Sister of [[Matthew Caulfield | Matthew]], [[Tina Caulfield | Tina]] and [[Katie Caulfield | Katie]] Caulfield and adopted sister of [[:colden-james-caulfield | Colden]]. Janice is a bulldog, …

  • Tyrone Carter

    Tyrone is a typical “gangsta” always trying to make money, and all about rap. He sees that the hood is the true family. Tyrone met [[:colden-james-caulfield | Colden]] in Juvy and saved his life, since then Tyrone has usually been looking out for Colden, …

  • Ivan Poliakovich

    A boss in the Russian mafia who often hired [[:colden-james-caulfield | Colden]] to steal information about officials and help him frame people to be used as blackmail.

  • Martin Field

    Antiquities Collector, Expert and Politician. Contact of [[:colden-james-caulfield | Colden James Caulfield]].

  • Who's Who

    [[Aiden Caulfield | Aiden Caulfield]] [[Alice Brightmore | Alice Brightmore]] [[Amanda Childs | Amanda Childs]] [[Dwarves | Dwarves]] [[David Smith | David Smith]] [[Emily Page | Emily Page]] [[Fildir the Growthmother | Fildir the Growthmother]] [[ …

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