• Mary Caulfield

    Wife of [[Aiden Caulfield | Aidan]] Caulfield. Mother of [[Matthew Caulfield | Matthew]], [[Janice Caulfield | Janice]], [[Tina Caulfield | Tina]] and [[Katie Caulfield | Katie]] and adopted mother of [[:colden-james-caulfield | Colden]]. Mary is a …

  • Katie Caulfield

    Daughter of [[Aiden Caulfield | Aidan]] and [[Mary Caulfield | Mary]] Caulfield, sister of [[Matthew Caulfield | Matthew]], [[Janice Caulfield | Janice]] and [[Tina Caulfield | Tina]] Caulfield and adopted sister of [[:colden-james-caulfield | Colde]]n. …

  • Alice Brightmore

    Alice was saved by [[:colden-james-caulfield | Colden]] from her abusive father, the abuse her father put her through as made her weak and rather easily controlled. However after meeting Colden and his family she saw that you can change after a life like …

  • Who's Who

    [[Aiden Caulfield | Aiden Caulfield]] [[Alice Brightmore | Alice Brightmore]] [[Amanda Childs | Amanda Childs]] [[Dwarves | Dwarves]] [[David Smith | David Smith]] [[Emily Page | Emily Page]] [[Fildir the Growthmother | Fildir the Growthmother]] [[ …

  • Simon Page

    A London-based architect. Married to [[Emily Page | Emily]] Page. Father of [[Jacob Page | Jacob]], [[:cassandra-page | Cassandra]] and [[Melissa Page | Melissa]].

  • Emily Page

    40yo London-based Potter. Married to [[Simon Page | Simon Page]]. Father of [[Jacob Page | Jacob]], [[:cassandra-page | Cassandra]] and [[Melissa Page | Melissa]] Page.

  • Jacob Page

    London-based. Son of [[Simon Page | Simon]] and [[Emily Page | Emily]] Page; and older brother of [[:cassandra-page | Cassandra]] and [[Melissa Page | Melissa]].

  • Melissa Page

    London-based 14yo schoolgirl. Daughter of [[Simon Page | Simon]] and [[Emily Page | Emily]] Page; and younger sister of [[Jacob Page | Jacob]] and [[:cassandra-page | Cassandra]].

  • Arethousa

    Arethousa was captive alongside [[:idona | Idona]], Idona learnt much about how to use her powers from Arethousa, and so feels indebted to her, Arethousa is a Water Elemental or Nymph in this world, Arethousa has almost completely lost her powers and …

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