Alice Brightmore

Alice was saved by Colden from her abusive father, the abuse her father put her through as made her weak and rather easily controlled. However after meeting Colden and his family she saw that you can change after a life like that. Getting away from Chicago and living in New York allowed her to grow, however Alice had found she often thought about Colden and would often spend time keeping tabs on him.

While chasing up a lead about a piece she was working on, Alice caught a glimpse of Colden, she hadn’t seen him in years and naturally wanted to catch up. She tried to get his attention but he was in his own world, so she decided to follow him, and wait for a moment to grab his attention. However she found it fun following him, without him noticing.

Alice followed Colden all the way to a residence in the middle of New York, she watched as Colden broke into the home. She found a nearby area she could set-up and tracked him move through the house. He seemed to be looking for something and before long he found a book.

Some armed men stormed into the room, Colden smashed the case and one moment he was standing there surrounded by Guards, the next he was gone in a puff of black smoke. Fearful and amazed Alice went searching everywhere for him. Alice decided to start from the beginning and booked for a trip to Chicago she called her boss and took leave.

While in Chicago she spent her time following Colden she watched as he used his powers to steal and break into places. Alice began to grow obsessed with Colden, the man that saved her was a superhero, and he could teleport and walk through walls. Alice’s obsession grew to be unhealthy, to the point of taking Colden’s things and keeping tabs on him at all times.

Alice lived a double life she would set-up time to hang out with Colden and Tyrone and when she could she would collect things that belonged to Colden, some of them were useless items (straws, combs) some were significant (clothing) she often left cryptic letters for Colden confessing her love in strange ways.

To Colden he never really noticed this side of her, Tyrone however saw the other side when he went to drop off a game he borrowed from Colden he caught Alice rolling around on Colden’s bed. Alice threatened Tyrone that if he ever told anyone she would make sure he would never be seen again.

Colden likes Alice but is far too shy to ever confess his feelings and Alice is too obsessed to see the signs of his affection, only Tyrone knows the truth about both of them and after what Alice said he is too afraid to get involved.

Age: 22
Height: 158cm/5’2” Weight: 61kg/134lbs
Hair: Blonde Eyes: Green
Ethnicity: Caucasian American
Profession: Journalist

Alice Brightmore

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