Tyrone Carter

Tyrone is a typical “gangsta” always trying to make money, and all about rap. He sees that the hood is the true family. Tyrone met Colden in Juvy and saved his life, since then Tyrone has usually been looking out for Colden, he always takes credit for Colden’s sleuth skills saying that he instilled the idea of being a thief into Colden.

Tyrone peddles minor drugs (Pott) and usually takes part in various odds and end jobs that need a bit of muscle, he also has contacts in various different crime groups and has a few cribs doted around the place.

Tyrone is scared of Alice and her unhealthy obsession with Colden, he avoids bringing up anything around Alice that he thinks might set her off, topics such as women are taboo around Alice.

Age: 25
Height: 190cm/6’4” Weight: 90kg/200lbs
Hair: Black (Bald) Eyes: Brown
Ethnicity: African-American
Profession: Street Thug

Tyrone Carter

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